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He’s a member from KARD called BM!

“MC: I feel like you probably had some culture shock

BM: Learning about the manners wasn’t hard

– But about the appearance, in Korea, people would tell you ‘it looks like you gained some weight today?’

– Saying something like this is actually not meant to hurt people right?

– It’s just something (Koreans) say

– But when I heard that at first, wow, I felt so hurt

– In the US, we don’t really talk about looks

– It’s a pretty sensitive topic

– So I needed some time to get used to this”

He said that learning about manners wasn’t difficult, but being criticized for his appearance was

“You’re fat,” “What’s wrong with your skin,” “You don’t look good today, you look tired”.

It seems like so many Koreans don’t view such comments as ‘judging others’ looks’…. but rather they think “why are you being so sensitive?”

1. I f*cking hate hearing people telling me “did you gain weight? Did you gain weight?” Do they think that they are contributing to anything?

2. I seriously…. had a friend who’s so severe when it comes to judging others’ face and body. I couldn’t even meet with them anymore. I just got way too stressed and all they cared about was looks…

3. I have a friend who constantly picks apart other people’s appearances, and it’s f*cking annoying. They have no sense of social cues or manners… Even though they have their own issues with appearance anxiety, they project it onto others.

4. It’s such a toxic culture, and I wish it would disappear.

6. As an American reader, I’ve noticed that people who’ve recently moved from Korea or are visiting often talk about weight… It’s sad because it’s like talking about weight is as natural as breathing.

7. The judgment on looks is really intense. I once went to a gathering without makeup, and someone asked if I had just rolled out of bed and told me to wear makeup. It was a woman who said this tooㅋㅋㅋ I thought she was crazy… but I kept quiet because there were so many people around. After that, I stopped hanging out with her because she kept commenting on my appearance saying I was bloated or whatnot.

8. I don’t understand why people at work feel the need to comment on how tired I look. They should just worry about their own faces.

9. I also have never heard any comments about my looks when I was living in the US. I would just lightly talk about my mood or my clothes that day and that was it

10. “You look tired”, “Did you not sleep?” all of it…

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