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This member isn’t at fault

It’s obvious that they all want to promote

The system is at fault for only allowing a portion of them to promote

1. People who are saying this isn’t AKB’s system should shut up. How do you not see that it’s AKB system?

2. The fact that they have photocards sales ranking and that they have to vote to promote is so messed up already, but seems like the fans are shielding the system a lot 

3. The members obviously want to promote a lot… For real the system will drive people crazy, the system is the issue

4. What’s the issue? Are they not even allowed to appeal the fans?

5. The system will drive the fans insane

6. The idol isn’t at fault here sigh 

7. Wow how do you fangirl with a system like that… I bet the trolls would be severe and the antis too…

8. Wow ㅠㅠ The system is weird.. This isn’t something we should hate the member for doing

9. I bet this group has so many trolls

10. I don’t think the member is wrong for doing this 

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