What netizens say after BTS Jimin personally apologizes for health insurance controversy

BTS Jimin updates Weverse

1. It’s just to appease the fandom before they come backㅋㅋㅋㅋ I guess he really didn’t want to apologize

2. I have no intention of covering up Jimin’s wrongdoings. Of course he did wrong, but he also donated a lot, so i will continue to support him

3. Jimin-ah, I always support you

4. You don’t even mention what you did wrong… But I think it’s better for you to be silent. Please be nice to your fans and visit them often. Be honest with your fans

5. This is not an apology

6. He should have done this before the fans left the fandom…

7. All your actions are just stupid, even an apology you can’t do

8. Jimin-ah, please do well in the future, I’ll believe you

9. It’s not an apology. Does a letter written to fans turn into an apology?

10. The comments are crazy. I was surprised when I saw the comments

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