“Why are they pushing Karina?” Winter pulled off the gun dance well

Winter pulled off the gun dance well

When I watch the MV, I think she does well, and when I watch her fancam, her intensity is good

[+467, -157]

1. [+141, -20] Winter’s face is cute so it’s interesting that she can pull off this kind of concept well

2. [+81, -15] She did so well

3. [+61, -9] Winter dances well, and she stands out on stage..

4. [+35, -0] She dances well like she’s breaking her body

5. [+32, -2] I haven’t heard the song yet, but I’ve seen this gif about 20 times. She looks so cool

6. [+22, -12] When you think about this, Winter seems to be the main dancer, so why are they pushing Karina..?

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