Wow BLACKPINK Rosé must be insane

Harper’s Bazaar May issue

Rosé suits Saint Laurent perfectly… So f*cking pretty

[+486, -96]

1. [+89, -20] She is the first and only Asian global ambassador for Saint Laurent, the first and only global model for Tiffany & Co. Really impressed.. She is the legend who wrote the history of the modeling world. ChaengLaurent ChaengFanny

2. [+60, -8] This photo is seriously amazing….

3. [+52, -10] Seriously… Her aura is ChangeLaurent

4. [+40, -29] Honestly, she’s so pretty, but she has the same hairstyle and facial expression in every pictorial, so this pictorial is the same as the previous one

5. [+29, -2] This is a photo without the logo

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