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Article: YouTube to get rid of ‘dislike’ button to relieve hate comment stress on YouTubers

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+482] But will hiding it fix anything? Doesn’t content that crosses the line or are plain terrible deserve the dislike button?

2. [+397] Or get rid of the ads

3. [+345] But how do you grow if you only look to receiving compliments…

4. [+105] Then get rid of the like button too

5. [+204] There are a few YouTubers deserving of the dislike button, though…

6. [+17] It’s a stupid measure… it still won’t stop the hate comments that cross the line

7. [+14] Or maybe we press dislike on a video because it’s actually a mess?

8. [+12] But I use the number of dislikes to judge good and bad content. Why is YouTube only thinking of the creators and not the viewers?

9. [+7] What is the point of the buttons at all then?

10. [+5] I like using the number of dislikes to judge the quality of a video… Even if YouTube gets rid of it, the comment section will still help us determine that, I suppose. 

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