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Article: Twice’s ‘Fancy’ made through deepfake technology

Source: Dispatch via Instagram

A YouTube channel recreated Twice’s ‘Fancy’ using deepfake technology and posted the comparison.

1. [+176] Why would you make something like this?

2. [+108] Can we please stop developing technology like this? At this rate, we’re all going to have to go around wearing hats and masks just to protect our identities.

3. [+37] This is so damn scary

4. [+11] Scary…

5. [+8] Please take this down;; what good is this really for?

6. [+87] Oh f*ck, this gives me goosebumps;

7. [+22] I really wish this technology would stop being developed.. it’s so easy to abuse…

8. [+1] I remember seeing this pop up in my recommendations and I was so shocked watching it..

9. [+2] This is not a technology, this is a crime ㅠ

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