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4 Most Beautiful Actresses in Historical K-dramas of the last 5 Years

Dressed in traditional costumes for historical K-dramas, these actresses shined spectacularly

Historical K-dramas have been on the rise in the past few years, and in all these works, the beauty of actresses in traditional costumes never fails to stand out. In fact, these 4 actresses look so gorgeous in historical K-dramas in recent years, that hot topics about them never ceased.

Kim So-hyun

Kim So-hyun has a unique appearance in “The Tale of Nokdu” Kim So-hyun, known for her potential and notable roles in dramas such as “The Tale of Nokdu” and “River Where the Moon Rises,” is the first name on this list. In “The Tale of Nokdu,” Kim So-hyun portrays Dong Dong-joo, a woman trained to become a gisaeng. The character stands out with her short hair, setting her apart from most female historical drama characters. The actress donned various different images and costumes in “River Where the Moon Rises” Meanwhile, in “River Where the Moon Rises,” Kim So-hyun captivates the audience with diverse and captivating images, portraying a queen, a warrior, and even an assassin. Whatever costumes she’s dressed in, the actress radiates a strong and determined aura that gives viewers goosebumps.

Go Yoon-jung

Next is Go Yoon-jung, who gained fame in the latter part of last year through the second part of the blockbuster “Alchemy of Souls” (also known as “Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow”. She was selected to replace Jung So-min in the lead role, initially causing concerns among the drama’s fans. However, Go Yoon-jung used her beauty and acting skills to captivate everyone. In the early episodes of “Alchemy of Souls”, Go Yoon-jung impressed viewers with her beauty and cute actions. As the drama reached its climax, however, the actress excelled in emotionally charged scenes.

Park Eun-bin

When talking about the most beautiful historical drama actresses in the last 5 years, it’d be a huge mistake to not include Park Eun-bin. While the actress is well-known for dramas with modern settings like “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, her historical performances are no less impressive. Among those, a signature role would be Crown Prince Lee Hwi/Dam-yi in “The King’s Affection.” In this work, Park Eun-bin not only looks beautiful in female garments, but also strong and convincing in male attire. Thanks to her outstanding portrayal of Dam-yi, who masquerades as her late twin brother – Crown Prince Lee Hwi, Park Eun-bin was nominated for Best TV Actress at the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Lee Se-young

The last name on this list is Lee Se-young, known as a signature “historical drama beauty.” In fact, her two most famous works are both set in historical contexts: “The Crowned Clown” and “The Red Sleeve.” In “The Crowned Clown,” Lee Se-young presents the image of a virtuous queen carrying the burden of responsibilities in a turbulent era. In “The Red Sleeve,” she makes the audience shed tears with the tragic love story of a court lady who yearns for freedom but chooses to stay in the palace for love. The drama was one of the best of 2021 and early 2022, garnering huge attention during its broadcast and achieved an impressive 11% average rating, with a peak of over 17%.

At present, Lee Se-young is making waves in the Korean small screen with the drama “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract.” The story follows a girl from ancient times who suddenly travels to the modern world. In the scenes set in the past, Lee Se-young once again mesmerizes viewers with her beauty.

Source: K14

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