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“BLACKPINK’s fan” Angela Baby donates for earthquake recovery amid criticism in China

Angela Baby, who faced a boycott in China due to being a fan of girl group BLACKPINK, supported the recovery from earthquake damage

According to the Shanghai Fosun Foundation on December 19th (local time), Chinese model-actress Angela Baby recently donated relief supplies for the victims of the magnitude 6.2 earthquake in Gansu Province, China.

The foundation shared that Angela Baby donated items such as winter clothing, tents, generators and other supplies for support, expressing hope that it would help those affected by the disaster in the cold winter.

angela baby

The earthquake, which occurred on December 20th, resulted in the death of 135 local residents in Gansu Province, with over 900 people reported injured.

Meanwhile, Angela Baby faced criticism in the Chinese entertainment industry due to attending BLACKPINK’s concerts.

She was particularly at risk of being expelled from the Chinese entertainment industry when allegations arose that she had attended the French cabaret show “Crazy Horse Show”, in which BLACKPINK’s Lisa performed.

The “Crazy Horse Show” is a famous adult show in France. There was significant criticism for Lisa’s appearance on the show due to its high level of exposure.

Many Chinese netizens expressed strong reactions, accusing Angela Baby of supporting the pornography industry and even threatening to boycott her.

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