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BLACKPINK’s Jennie Reveals Thin Figure in Behind for Jacquemus Photoshoot

The behind-the-scenes of BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Photoshoot for Jacquemus reveals her extremely thin figure, drawing attention

The figure of BLACKPINK’s Jennie is considered a “dream” for many women. In particular, Jennie has a slender body with straight shoulders, which easily complements a variety of clothes and exudes chicness.

jennie blackpink

However, in certain cases, Jennie’s thin figure can also create a few problems, as without the help of some special “accessories”, the female idol may find herself in an awkward situation.

jennie blackpink

Jennie has become one of the ideal models for Asian girls at the moment. Her slender figure has allowed her to “fit” into various types of clothing. However, in some cases, it also creates a bit of trouble for Jennie. Without the help of some special “accessories,” the female idol is likely to find herself in a situation of “swimming in her clothes.”

In a recent shoot for Jacquemus, Jennis donned a bodycon nude dress and effortlessly showcased her charming curves. Everything seems perfect from the front angle.

This is not the only time Jennie has to rely on the help of these “accessories.” Even though she wears the smallest size, stylists still have to use tape, clips, and pins to secure the outfit on Jennie’s thin figure

Due to her heavy schedule, Jennie has lost a lot of weight compared to her “chubby cheeks” debut image.

Source: K14

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