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G-Dragon And YG Entertainment Wrapped Up Their 20-Year Journey Together Beautifully

The 20-year companionship of G-Dragon and YG Entertainment has finally ended

G-Dragon signed an exclusive exclusive contract with his new agency Galaxy Corporation, raising expectations for his new start. On December 21st, Galaxy Corporation held a press conference to disclose the news of their contract with G-Dragon and his future plans.

Earlier on the 20th, YG Entertainment officially announced that they had parted ways with G-Dragon through BIG BANG’s official website. Expressing their gratitude towards G-Dragon


YG stated, “G-Dragon was one of our company’s symbolic artists, and it was our honor to spend the past time with him since BIG BANG’s debut in 2006”, adding “We sincerely wish for blessings in G-Dragon’s new journey. We hope fans will keep giving him support and encouragement”.

In response, G-Dragon thanked YG through his handwritten letter on December 21st. In the letter, he emphasized, “I was able to make such a meaningful start thanks to my new partner Galaxy Corporation and YG, who made me who I am today. All these things have become possible thanks to the countless experiences I’ve gained over the past 20 years of my time with members at YG, from my trainee days to BIG BANG and solo activities”, adding “I will remember this in my heart for the rest of my mind while doing future activities”.

G-Dragon’s new agency Galaxy Corporation also said, “We sincerely thank YG Entertainment. Thanks to YG, we have the current Kwon Ji-yong”, adding “We will try to continue and remember the glorious path that YG and G-Dragon have taken”.

It is not exaggerated to say that YG and G-Dragon shared their history together. Having attracted public attention even before his debut in 2006, G-Dragon led his team BIG BANG to success as a talented leader and an executive producer. With BIG BANG’s hit songs produced by G-Dragon, YG grew into a big entertainment company. YG also boasted their outstanding planning skills with their promotion of BIG BANG by creating unique concepts, such as survival documentaries and hip-hop music.


The combination of G-Dragon’s capabilities, which have been proved not only through BIG BANG’s success but also through his achievements as a solo artist, and YG’s planning ability was perfect. From his first to lo album “Heartbreaker” in 2009 to “One of the Kind” and “Coup D’etat”, G-Dragon created a sensation in the music industry by introducing completely different music colors from BIG BANG.

Their 20-year companionship has finally come to an end. YG and G-Dragon are still cheering for each other’s future without disputes, expressing gratitude for their past and having a beautiful farewell.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon also revealed his plan to make a comeback as a singer in 2024

Source: Daum

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