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Seohyun, Suzy, Hyeri, Hwasa, what kind of car do female idols drive?

Luxury cars of female idols are becoming a hot topic


▲Girls’ Generation Seohyun

On December 20th, Girls’ Generation member-actress Seohyun attracted attention by sharing photos and videos of her new car on her SNS with the caption, “my brand new car. Who wants to name it?” The car Seohyun chose is the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet, known for being worth hundreds of millions of won.


▲Miss A Suzy

Singer-actress Suzy, who is part of the top 1%, drives expensive cars. On Mnet’s “TMI NEWS”, Suzy revealed that she relieves stress on her days off by driving. Suzy’s first car of choice for drives was the Mini Cooper Clubman, known for its cute design and popularity among women.


▲TWICE Jihyo

In 2019, the appearance of Jihyo driving a luxury imported car was revealed through TWICE’s official YouTube channel. Jihyo’s car of choice was the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe.


▲Mamamoo Hwasa

Mamamoo Hwasa initially chose Volvo’s SUV XC40 as her first car and later opted for a Porsche as her second. In March, Hwasa shared a photo of herself driving through her SNS with the caption, “Let’s take a breath.” People’s attention was particularly drawn to the Porsche logo in the center of the steering wheel.

Kim Se-jeong

▲Gugudan Kim Se-jeong

Gugudan Kim Se-jeong, who appeared on tvN’s “On & Off” in March 2021, was captured driving out of Seoul with her close friend TWICE Jihyo.

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