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GD and Lee Sung-kyun found to have received “free” drugs from drug dealer doctor A

Article: Who did Lee Sun-kyun and G-Dragon receive drugs from? “The doctor in question gave it “for free”

Source: Seoul Economy

Actor Lee Sung-kyun (48) and G-Dragon (Kwon Ji-yong, 35)’s drug dealer has been revealed.

The drug crime in investigation unit of the Incheon Police Agency revealed that they have booked doctor A on charges of violating the Narcotics Management Act and are currently investigating. A is accused of providing drugs to a total of 4 people including Lee Sung-kyun, Kwon Ji-yong, and a manager of a room salon in Gangnam. Police believe A provided drugs for free are are investigating the amount, type, and method of delivery. 

A police official stated, “There are currently 10 people subject to investigations in relation to drug use cases involving famous celebrities. 5 of them have been booked and the remaining 5 are under internal investigations before being booked. We plan to quickly investigate the drug dealer suspicions.”

Among the 5 people booked, Lee Sung-kyun was arrested on marijuana and psychotropic drug charges. B, manager of a room salon where Lee Sung-kyun was known to have also entered, was also arrested on charges of psychotropic drugs. In addition, B was also charged with extorting 350 million won from Lee Sung-kyun through blackmail and threats. G-Dragon and a room salon employee were also booked for violating the Narcotics Control Act and type of drugs taken will be confirmed through drug tests. 

GD was previously booked on drug charges of smoking marijuana in 2011 but received a suspended indictment (deferred prosecution, no trial) due to the fact that he was a first-time offender and the level of drugs taken did not rise to the level of being sentenced as a drug offender. 

  1. [+1,567, -10] Expose the identity of doctor A including the hospital name!!
  2. [+751, -10] Shouldn’t the doctor’s license be revoked??!
  3. [+586, -11] It’s highly likely doctor A gave the drugs for free because he was aware of a loophole in manager B’s room salon. Search and seize his phone immediately and do forensic analysis!!! This isn’t just celebrities but business figures, wealthy high-income officials, chaebols etc. it’s an endless pool of druggies.
  4. [+337, -10] Druggies are the issue but we have drug dealer doctors who are part of drug cartels now ㅋㅋㅋㅋ daebak
  5. [+232, -171] My son took his friend’s bike, rode, and returned it but the friend accused him of stealing and took him to trial. But celebrities can receive suspended prosecution even after admitting and testing positive for drugs? I know what my kid did was wrong but GD’s indictment getting thrown out is the bigger crime.
  6. [+52, -2] G-Dragon should’ve gotten hit harder the first time but they suspended the crime because it was his first offense??! Our charges are really designed create more criminals!
  7. [+47, -0] It’s strange they keep emphasizing the fact that he got it for free?? Almost like the nature of the crime is more serious if he paid for it?? Just like when Lee Sung-kyun’s druggie scandal was about to come out all of a sudden he was blackmailed and threatened for money??  There are reports that Lee Sung-kyun’s wife sold their building early this year despite suffering a loss.. isn’t it worse that they’re concealing for a criminal to this level?? These are criminals!! They broke the law!! It’s a pity as a fan but I hope you don’t leave anyone out!!
  8. [+45, -0] Medical Association, Lawyer Association, they all cover for each other. Hit them with strong punishments and get his license revoked for tarnishing the reputation of doctors! Now that would be a true Medical Association. They’re discrediting doctors who have a sense of duty and practice morality. Why is the Medical association so corrupt?!
  9. [+28, -1] That doctor’s license should be revoked!
  10. [+15, -0] This is another scam. Doctors only see money but he gave it for free? Expose the doctor’s medical history and where he works! How did drugs get into the hands of a doctor?!
  11. [+7, -0] The doctor’s identity must also be exposed!
  12. [+4, -0] Seungri was the pimp of a drug house.

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