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Police seize “room salon” manager A’s cell phone and uncover “drug” links to GD and Lee Sung-kyun + Ministry of Justice issues travel ban

ArticleG-Dragon, “I’ve never done drugs”… Police, “GD and Lee Seon-kyun are banned from leaving the country” (comprehensive)

Source: My Daily

Police have banned Lee Sung-kyun (48) and G-Dragon (Kwon Ji-yong, 35) from leaving the country.

An official from Incheon Police Agency revealed in a phone with My Daily on the 27th, “We confirmed they’re currently in the country and issued a ban through the Ministry of Justice. We plan to conduct a drug test soon to check whether they’ve used drugs, what type, and frequency of use.”

Police also confiscated a cell phone of room salon manager A (29) and have requested digital forensic work. They plan to analyze A’s call history to confirm the charges against actor Lee Sung-kyun and G-Dragon and investigate whether there are any additional drug suspects. 

Meanwhile, G-Dragon’s lawyer Kim Soo-hyun conveyed GD’s position on the same day. GD stated, “First of all, I have never taken drugs. I have nothing to do with the news reports about ‘violating Narcotics Control Act’ that were recently released to the media. But I know many people are concerned so I will faithfully and actively cooperate with investigations.”

 Police have yet to issue a separate statement on GD’s position. 

  1. [+1,067, -210] If you ever took drugs, you’ll definitely test positive.. I can’t believe he’s saying this right now.. 
  2. [+829, -21] Park Yoochun and Yoo Ah-in said that too.. if you investigate, everything will come out. Let’s just wait and see.. but I hope it’s not true.
  3. [+716, -30] I really hope not.. I hope he’s able to come out and live proudly.
  4. [+425, -37] Well he also said he ended up smoking marijuana because he thought it was a cigarette.. he’s going to confidently say he thought those weren’t drugs either
  5. [+100, -1] Yoochun said that too even said he would retire.
  6. [+86, -21] Just looking at his slurred speech, unfocused gaze.. this isn’t the GD we as the public know.. stop with the liesㅋㅋ
  7. [+59, -5] As fan who’s loved Big Bang songs.. I really hope it’s not true.
  8. [+52, -5] “I didn’t know it was drugs”
  9. [+39, -8] But he could barely stay still and had slurred speech..
  10. [+32, -3] ㅋㅋㅋ but we saw his slurred speech acting manic with his entire body~~ㅉㅉ

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