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GD under investigation by police for abusing multiple drugs including poppy, opium, coca leaves, and narcotic mixtures

Article: Lee Sun-kyun and G-Dragon face different charges. The key is the type of drug taken.

Source: Herald Pop

While investigating Lee Sung-kyun and G-Dragon, police have applied different charges stipulated in the Narcotics Control Act.

According to police on the 28th, the drug crime investigation unit of the Incheon Police Agency recently booked actor Lee Sung-kyun and singer G-Dragon on charges of violating law on drug management.

Although the applicable laws are the same, the detailed applicable crimes are different. Lee Sung-kyun’s is marijuana and psychotropic drugs and Kwon Ji-yong’s is narcotics. This means that police determined that the types of drugs taken by Lee Sung-kyun and G-Dragon were different.

The fact that Lee Sung-kyun is suspected of marijuana and psychotropic drugs can be assumed to have inhaled and administered two or more types of narcotics. 

The drugs applied to G-Dragon include poppy, opium, coca leaves, and various mixtures containing them. 

Police have yet to reveal what specific drugs each took. They plan to conduct drug tests and determine drugs taken as well as the type and frequency of drug use. 

Meanwhile, police caught Lee Sung-kyun and G-Dragon while confirming intelligence that drugs were being distributed at a membership-only room salon in Gangnam, Seoul. 

  1. [+524, -12] That’s why Kwon Ji-yong is high, YG has no answer, start with Yang Hyun Suk!
  2. [+327, -2] Didn’t GD loudly proclaim to the public that he didn’t do it and has never abused drugs? Even in the last marijuana case, he was let free even after his drug tests came back positive? He’ll need to take responsibility for deceiving the public this time!! Ji-yong-ah, don’t show your ugly side like everyone else and get tested proudly to justify your claims.. I hope you can prove us wrong.
  3. [+210, -9] For this kind of thing, we need to take an example from China.. chaebols or those with money will never get caught unless they’re hit with the death penalty or life imprisonment. All the rich do is hire a top law firm, write a letter of remorse and since it’s their first offense, they only receive a suspended sentence and get caught again as time goes by…this is what always happens!  
  4. [+196, -13] They can’t prove it but… if it turns out to be drug use, will GD use the same excuse to cut the tail again? “I didn’t know it was marijuana because I don’t know how marijuana smells..” this time it’ll be.. “I didn’t know it was drugs??” And he just never noticed his body and neck twisting in weird ways..? Hmm.. 
  5. [+100, -6] To eradicate drugs, the laws must be strictly applied!
  6. [+99, -5] What’s the point of making a distinction between the two? He won’t be punished at all but released ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.. just look at Yoo Ah-in.. 
  7. [+81, -18] Kwon Ja-yongi has been denying it until now, even lying that he didn’t do drugs, if it blows up later he’s just going to apologizeㅋㅋㅋ
  8. [+79, -6] Senior drug dealers would be experts in this.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ask Lee Sung-cheol, Jeon In-kwon, and Kim Tae-won ~~~~~~~~~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  9. [+63, -6] Conduct a thorough investigation into all idols and celebs!!
  10. [+29, -1] GD’s drug use is clearly visible in his usual appearance. Anyone looking can tell his behavior and speech is not normal. He was trembling, emotionally unstable, and couldn’t sit still even for a moment and slurred his speech. Even fans were worried and concerned.. what on earth were his family and acquaintances doing??!
  11. [+18, -3] Grab G-Dragon by the hair and get the drug tests done quickly ~~ he’s going to destroy the evidence~~ police, what are you doing?! ~~ 
  12. [+15, -0] I’m honestly more shocked that he’s connected to a room salon than marijuana.. 

Additional source: Yonhap News, Hankyung

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