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2009 ~ 2013


Gaho often appeared on broadcasts, filmed commercials together, and even appeared in song lyrics.

G-Dragon’s pet Gaho

Abandoned + 1 other missing? 

Due to schedule issues, he moved Gaho to his parents’ pension.

They said in the news that it was due to controversy over management negligence

And one even ran away and went missing


This year, the pension run by GD’s father closed for a while, and Gaho, who lived at GD’s Pension, left for overseas and died two months later.

Probably because it was an old dog, he probably found it difficult to adapt overseas.

The story about Gaho going overseas and Gaho’s death is what GD’s father told the fans.

This was announced in October 2023


Shar Peis average lifespan are between 9 to 11 years old.

Gaho is an extremely old dog who has lived longer than that.

He died two months after being suddenly sent overseas.

-2016 Elle September issue interview

You showed your kind side when you were pampering the kitten you met while filming. In fact, you are raising a pet cat called ‘Child/Ai’. What kind of cat owner do you become at home?

-For a cat, ‘Ai’ tends to follow people well. When we’re together, I become more of a ‘boyfriend’ than a cat owner. When I have busy schedules, we can’t see each other often, so I take a lot of pictures when we are together. And play with it as much as possible and cuddle it tightly in your arms as it sleeps.

This is an interview given by GD in 2016

He’s technically raising Ai instead of Gaho right now 

Even though he has the financial resources to hire someone to manage them, he did not do so;

He didn’t have the responsibility to take care of a real life and had short terms with all of them, meanwhile, he’s still adopting new pets so people find him hard to understand

G-Dragon apparently took in Jolie with the goal of giving Gaho a friend

However, in the end, he(?) was left in a narrow outdoors cage in his pension with Gaho and it’s presumed that they were abandoned there… And when [Jolie] saw the opening in the door, he escaped ha….

The wrinkles covered his eyes so badly that he should have had surgery, but G-Dragon just left it alone, and people say the dog was sensitive due to poor eyesight.

1. Cats, please escape

2. When his image used to be good, so many people shielded him… That dog couldn’t even walk properly due to overgrown nails… Nobody is left to shield him now 

3. Hul Gaho…

4. 😠

5. Hul… I remember him taking in Gaho when he was just a baby… How can you just abandon it after raising him for so long…

6. Sigh to think that people are able to fangirl on f*ckers like him too. It must be nice to be a celebrity ㅋㅋ

7. Seriously he’s such a bad person. What’s the point of having all this money?

8. I hate him so much 

9. I hope Gaho only remembers the good memories 

10. He can’t even manage himself, you think he’ll be able to manage others?

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