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Goodbye 2023: In the end, the whole world was NewJeans

In 2023, the K-pop industry continued to expand, prompting discussions about whether K-pop would replace the traditional pop genre and explore new blue oceans that had not been ventured into before

Despite the complexities of this narrative, there is still much to discuss. Throughout 2023, many artists delighted not only our ears but also our eyes with numerous songs. Notably, the proposition “The whole world is NewJeans” became prominent through NewJeans‘ activities.

Debuting in August last year with a bold triple title track, NewJeans maintained their momentum into 2023. The pre-released track “Ditto” held the top spot on the Melon daily chart for a remarkable 99 days. “Ditto”, “OMG” and “Hype Boy” claimed top positions on various charts, solidifying NewJeans’ dominance in the early months of the year.


However, the impact of “Ditto” goes beyond mere chart success. By incorporating Baltimore Club Music and, further, delving into the Jersey Club genre with “Ditto”, NewJeans showcased their position at the forefront of trends. The Jersey Club genre, born in the 90s and initially overlooked, gained rapid attention in the latter half of 2022 with artists like Drake and Lil Uzi Vert. NewJeans actively embraced this trend, presenting the first Jersey Club track in K-pop.

NewJeans’ success with “Ditto” sparked a Jersey Club trend in K-pop. Artists such as LE SSERAFIM with “Eve, Psyche & the Bluebeard’s wife” and rookie BABYMONSTER with debut song “BATTER UP” incorporated the genre’s distinctive kick pattern (thump-thump thump-thump-thump) into their music.

Having heated up the first half of the year, NewJeans returned in July with their second EP “Get Up”. Like their debut EP, “Super Shy”, “ETA” and “Cool With You” were triple title tracks. The trio’s success once again proved that the Sophomore Jinx was irrelevant to them.


Their global achievements were remarkable. “Get Up” entered the Billboard 200 at No.1 and maintained a presence on the chart for 21 consecutive weeks, surpassing the 19-week record set by TXT. Additionally, NewJeans graced the stage at the Lollapalooza Chicago festival and performed at the Billboard Music Awards last month.

To conclude the year, NewJeans released the album “NJWMX” (NewJeans Winter Mix), remixing their existing songs instead of rushing to release new tracks. The album, commemorating the first anniversary of “Ditto”, features remixes by the composers of “Ditto”, “Attention”, “Hype Boy”, “Hurt”, “OMG” and “Cookie”, presenting a different atmosphere and evoking winter sentiments. All vocal tracks, excluding instrumentals, achieved chart success, enjoying synergy effects with the original songs.

Impressive collaborations also marked their journey. In April, NewJeans collaborated with Coca-Cola for “Zero”, and in October, they released the theme song “GODS” for the “2023 League of Legends World Championship”. “Zero”, with familiar lyrics and melody, achieved real-time chart success as a CM song. “GODS”, with its grand sound and powerful vocals, demonstrated a different musical side from NewJeans’ usual style, broadening their spectrum.

From the chart-topping start with “Ditto” to wrapping up the year with “Ditto” remix, NewJeans’ 2023 demonstrated an unmistakably upward trajectory. NewJeans turned the saying “The whole world is NewJeans” into reality. Given their current momentum, that world is likely to persist for a while.

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