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“No matter where Seunghan is, you’re our first star”

“Seunghan-ah, please be healthy, let’s meet at Tokyo Dome some day”

“We are waiting for Seunghan’s return”

“Just look at the pretty things and let’s be happy together. We love you Seunghan-ah”

1. Do people really think Seunghan will be back? I’m curious 

2. One thing for sure, you can tell that Japan, Korea and China all have their styles of writing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. I honestly don’t think he did anything that deserves to be kicked out for, I feel bad 

4. There’s no need for them to mention all 7 members at the end..

5. I like that we’re seeing more trucks supporting him 

6. I’ll support him promoting solo 

7. So even the Japanese people are sending trucks now…

8. Tsk

9. I pity him, they won the rookie award and he was the only one not being there to receive it 

10. I wish he can just promote solo 

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