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She said that she was so busy and lived like she didn’t feel like a human. Of course this may seem like something extreme to say, but she also said that she doesn’t regret those times at all 

That broke my heart

In a year, she released as many as 8 albums (in Korea and Japan) and even already filmed music videos for the following year, sometimes filming close to 10 music videos in one year.

She even said while smiling that in the past that there were times when she wanted to give up after releasing albums without stop during the showcase tour + Asia tour + arena tour for a year, but just thinking about Twice’s hit songs made her feel sad but not regretful because she knows how hard Twice worked. She’s thankful that she never gave up ㅠㅠ

1. OF course I think all idols re having it hard, but if you look at the comeback terms of Tiwce, for real, they must be having it even harder

2. But still, just as hard as they worked, they will earn so much money in return.. I’m envious 

3. I heard her say in real time and I held back my tears.. The fans all know how much she suffered all this time, but it’s the first time that she said it outloud ㅠㅠㅠ

4. She also said that JYP doesn’t give you much time whenever they comebackㅋㅋㅋ The moment the song is out, they have 2 days to learn the choreography and they have to shoot the MV right away 

5. Twice’s promotions were way too intense. I feel like they look way happier now 

6. Wow people bringing in money here really don’t know 

7. I can give it to Twice..I feel like they’ve neer been on hiatus 

8. Wow … 10 MVs in 1 year…? That’s a human’s schedule…?

9. 8 albums in 1 year… I didn’t know since I’m another group’s fan but they really lived their lives to the fullest

10. Me too, I have dreamed of becoming an idol, but when I saw the way they have no vcations and they’re always working every single day, I realized it’s not an easy thing… The money is obviously good if you have time to spend it and can afford spending it, but if you’re being called to do something every single day, you can’t even afford to do anything. At this point, money isn’t the important thing anymore

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