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After leaving the group SF9, [Rowoon] turned to acting because his will to act was stronger. Although he honestly confessed that “sageuk is a genre I am not confident in,” he added, “I had a strong desire to overcome my lack of confidence. I am 27 years old this year, and I want to act for a long time. Regardless of whether I do well or not, I have a desire to be recognized. Isn’t it normal to be scolded if I want to get recognized? I’m trying to challenge myself and work harder at things I’m not confident in,” he said.

Rowoon said, “I wanted to be a little more serious about my job as an actor now.” He explained the reason for leaving the team. “I’m sure some people will be disappointed, but it’s something I have decided on considering that in mind. I thought it would be a good stepping stone for growth if I were to make them understand, so I made a difficult choice,” he said.

1. Hmm.. Maybe he should think a bit more about why the fans are disappointed instead of trying to make us understand

2. Maybe if he was a bit more serious about his job as an actor, the fans wouldn’t be so disappointed

3. We’re not only… “disappointed” ㅎㅎ I wonder if he even tried to understand us 

4. I don’t know the story behind this, but if he was going to do this in the end, why did he renew his contract?

5. Even if he didn’t explicitly say it, it feels like he used to job of an idol to become an actor 

6. His attitude is so so. Of course, I can’t judge him just from bits and pieces of information, but the way he turned into an actor was not it 

7. And were you even serious towards your idol job?

8. “Stepping stone” ㅋㅋㅋ

9. We’re not only disappointed because you withdrew… Whey are you not understanding this?

10. Hmm…………

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