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He had grills on his teeth

If you don’t know what grills are, just think about it

Imagine having something like a ring in between your teeth and lips

Can you really have an announcer’s pronunciation?

Everything aside, GD’s pronunciation has always been bad

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1. [+54, -8]

So even your comprehension skills go down if you wear those?

2. [+31, -16]

The fact that he still has fans is fascinating… First of all, they probably don’t look at looksㅋ

3. [+13, 0]

But rappers rap just fine with them on

4. [+13, -3]

I think that aside from this, the most compelling thing right now was his interview video… even if you talk slowly, it shouldn’t be that bad. Usually, when he speaks slowly or blur his words, he still manages to convey properly what he has to say… Being on psychiatric drugs alone can’t easily turn you like that. I’m eating 6 different psychiatric drugs.. although they are sleeping pills

5. [+11, 01]

The hip hop DC Gallery said that having grills would make you mumble when you rap but even the way he talks in a normal setting has changed.. I don’t know

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