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1. Jang Wonyoung 

2. Sakura 

3. Jo Yuri 

4. Choi Yena 

5. An Yujin (real ranking: Lee Kaeun) 

6. Nako (real ranking: Han Chowon) 

7. Kwon Eunbi 

8. Kang Hyewon 

9. Hitomi 

10. Kim Chaewon 

11. Kim Minju 

12. Lee Chaeyeon 

13. Han Chowon 

14. Lee Kaeun


1. Kim Yohan 

2. Kim Wooseok 

3. Han Seungwoo 

4. Song Hyungjoon 

5. Cho Seungyoun

6. Son Dongpyo (real ranking: Gu jungmo)

7. Lee Hangyul (real ranking: Lee Jinhyuk)

8. Nam Dohyon (real ranking; Geum Donghyun) 

9. Cha Junho 

10. Kang Minhee

11. Lee Jinhyuk

12. Gu Jungmo 

13. (X) Lee Eunsang 

14. Geum Donghyun 

1. Hul so the members who got in were originally eliminated…? I’m shocked at this too 

> No no, they just ranked whoever based on their own taste… It doesn’t mean that if their ranking was rigged that they didn’t make it to the group in the end. For Produce 3, those 2 were probably still in the ranking, for Produce 4, one of the MBK kids was indeed eliminated

2. So we don’t know whose ranking was shifted up? 

> We don’t know 

3. What’s up with Lee Eunsang being #13 and still being able to debut? Why are they debuting the X? Ah it’s because #11 and #12 were dropped, this is dumbfounding 

4. He was debuting for real, but was dropped out for being #11..ㅋㅋㅋ

5. Lee Jinhyuk was my pick, seriously my blood was boiling back then 

6. They should just reveal all the rigged ranking at this point 

7. Reveal who were the members who got rigged

8. Wow I seriously was cheering for Lee Jinhyuk, because of this, I cried for days, I still remember

9. Honestly Geum Donghyun should’ve been in it

10. What a shame… Especially to the ones who ranked high during Produce X 


Lee Kaeun

14 -> 5

Han Chowon

13 -> 6

Lee Jinhyuk 

11 -> 7

Goo Jungmo
12 -> 6

Geum Donghyun

14 -> 8


1st elimination – Kim Soohyun, Seo Hyein eliminated

Wanna One:

1st elimination: Seong Hyunwoo eliminated

4th elimination (debut): Kang Dongho eliminated, next rank got in


4th elimination (debut): Lee Kaeun, Han Chowon eliminated


1st elimination: Anzardi Timothée eliminated

3rd elimination: Kim Gookheon, Lee Jinwoo eliminated

4th elimination (debut): Goo Jungmo, Lee Jinhyuk, Geum Donghyun eliminated”

1. Haenamie would’ve debuted if he didn’t get eliminated on the 3rd round..ㅜ

2. Produce X’s 3rd elimination was shocking. Jinwoo-yah…

3. It’s ridiculous how well Wanna One and IZONE did

4. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ X1, seriously.. ha…

5. Didn’t Kang Dongho want to be eliminated?

> Currently, there are many opinions in various communities asking if An PD, who was imprisoned, wasn’t talking about Kang Dongho when he said in court “I eliminated someone because there was a trainee who expressed his willingness to quit.” In response, Pledis said, “That’s not true.”

6. Seriously, they were evil for eliminating Haenamieㅠㅠㅠ I still remember baby crying..

7. Ever since the 1st elimination…

8. Ah Kim Gookheonㅠㅜ

9. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I seriously thought that at least one person between Lee Jinhyuk, Geum Donghyun and Hwang Yoonsung would make it but when none of them made it, my world came down crashing

10. What do they mean by “next rank got in”?

> They kicked out the one in the debut group but they took the next one in line


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