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1. Wow… It’s my first time seeing someone pulling off the hime cut

2. Queen…💞

3. The photoshoots are beautiful but the video is even betterㅠ she’s seriously a queen

4. Pretty, beautiful and cool

5. No but she suits every style. As expected of the queen

6. No but she’s exploding with luxury even more after getting married. She’s seriously crazily beautifulㄷㄷ

7. She looks like Seulgi in the 2nd pic. The last pictuer is legendary

8. Oh why do I see Seulgi?

9. There’s a person in Red Velvet that really looks like her and they really look alike in these pictures. Both have the type of looks I like

10. I’m so jealous of Go Woorim… I’m a woman but why am I jealous of him!!!!!!!!!!


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