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“KPOP groups acitivities based on trademark rights”

Failure to agree on trademark rights:

Brave Girls –> BB Girls (May 2023~)

B2ST –> Highlight (March 2017~)

Agreement reached on trademark rights:

Free transfer of agency: Infinite (April 2023~)

Transfer after payment: GOT7 (2022~), Ukiss (2022~)

Distribution of co-production revenue such as albums: KARA (RBW, 2022~), SNSD (SM, 2022~), Sechkies (YG, 2016~), god (ihq, 2014~)

1. Infinite seriously is an unique case..

2. Infinite is honestly amazing… You can say whatever you want about Woollim but you gotta praise them for that.. 

3. Lee Joongyeob is honestly amazing 

4. The fact that they let Infinite transfer for free is amazing, Even for the companies who let the artists transfer at a cost are also amazing 

5. Infinite.. Seriously Lee Joongyeob did 2 things right: matking Infinite & letting Infinite transfer for free

6. And what happened to iKON?

> I looked it up and they also transferred for free

7. The moment I see things like that I get impressed by Infinite

8. Didnt iKON also transfer for free?

9. Hul that’s why B2ST became Hihglight???? Crazy I didn’t even know 

10. Seriously everyone should get to keep their trademarks even at a fee

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