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This was released by Idle’s official account 

Apparently they’re picking one member each for this collab

post response:


1. [102, -5]

I still remember the time when all girl groups were coming back and were battling for #1 and it was IVE, Idle and aespa. I like them all so I was so happy 

2. [+83, -6]

The top girl groups unite 

3. [+81, -5]

My bias groups.. I’m so happy 

4. [+78, -19]

aespa Giselle confirmed this 

5. [+76, -4]

One member of each group will participate and they will release this digitally

‘This is a historic collaboration with representative 4th generation girl groups with (G)I-DLE, aespa, and IVE. This unit, with one member from each group, will release the single ‘NOBODY’ on the 16th and greet global music fans. The unit members will be released one by one through the official M:USB (music video) YouTube and SNS.”

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