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K-netizens React To JTBC’s Apology To G-Dragon

JTBC recently delivered an official apology to G-Dragon for their reports on his drug incident

A netizen in Nate Pann drew attention as they shared the timeline of JTBC’s reports on G-Dragon’s drug case before apologizing to the male singer on December 22nd.

“November 6th – GD’s voluntary attendance of police summons


The court already rejected the arrest warrant application and GD also voluntarily attended the police investigation, they said GD showed a bad attitude, making faced so much criticism on social media

November 24th – GD tested negative in drug tests

They quickly reported the news before securing physical evidence. Since the police left room for speculation, GD was once again criticized by the public

December 22nd – After the press conference for the foundation established by GD


They admitted to reporting news that could be unacceptable from GD’s point of view during the first stages of the investigation. They also apologized to GD and his fans.

This is the first time a media company had to make an official apology. I hope other media outlets also apologize to GD”

In response, other netizens commented:

  • Wow, at least JTBC admitted their faults. What are other broadcasting stations doing?
  • To be honest, I admire their courage to be the first media outlet to apologize while others are still staying silent. I hope this comforted GD even a little bit
  • SBS doesn’t even apologize. They made the most malicious reports
  • There are still so many people who don’t apologize and reflect on their wrongdoings. I’m already thankful even if they make an apology like that
  • Apologizing is the right thing to do
  • MCB and SBS, what are you doing? JTBC already deleted all the videos about speculations of drug-related behaviors but the M and S companies haven’t done anything

Source: Nate Pann

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