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Rain Couldn’t Stop Flexing About His Goddess Wife Kim Tae-hee, “Money And Love, I Have Both”

Singer Rain have recently mentioned his wife on camera

On December 21st, Rain posted a Christmas-themed video on his YouTube channel “Season B Season,” featuring singers Kwon Eun-bi and KCM as guests at his Christmas party.

During a quiz game, when asked, “What would you choose, a date with your ideal type on Christmas Day vs. participating in an event that pays 100 million won.” Rain bragged, “Sorry but I have both.”

Rain and Kim Tae-hee got married in 2017 and had two daughters. Since they are a top-star couple, the public has been paying attention to their every step. Naturally, the two were cautious about mentioning each other on camera.


However, this has changed, as Rain has become more confident when mentioning his wife. For example, in a video with Seo In-guk on “Season B Season,” which was released on December 14th, when enjoying a meal together, Rain said, “Should I go home early (to my wife)?” On December 20th, Rain and Kim Tae-hee took pictures with a makeup artist, hinting at a joint project.

Until now, Rain had mentioned his proposal and Kim Tae-hee in various entertainment programs in the past, but at the time, he only mentioned her indirectly when asked. Now he proves his pride as “Kim Tae-hee’s husband” by mentioning her on his own show, making fans giggle.

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