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Ko Yoon-jung, Kim Woo-bin & Suzy: Stars Who Became ‘Santa’ And Prepared Warm Gifts To Staff

The three actors recently gave surprise gifts to staff to share warm year-end days together

According to some people in the entertainment industry, actress Go Yoon-jung recently prepared and presented more than 100 long padded jackets to the staff of the drama production team and her agency during the winter shoot of tvN’s “Wise Resident Life” so that they could overcome the cold together.

The padded jackets, known to cost over 350,000 won each on the official website, are products from the outdoor brand Go Yoon-jung is modeling for as an ambassador. Apart from strengthening the teamwork of everyone in the production team, the actress is also playing the role of a mood maker on the set.

Go Yun-jung

Actor Kim Woo-bin also gave 120 padded jackets to the members of Netflix’s film “Officer Black Belt” during their filming last month. As the weather became colder after the first snow, the actor decided to prepare the most needed gifts for his colleagues and staff after much consideration. Due to the nature of a Netflix project, behind-the-scenes photos were not revealed. However, the information about Kim Woo-bin’s warm gifts was known through word of mouth by staff and drama officials.

Kim Woo-bin is known to have always taken great care of his fellow actors and staff during filming. In July last year, child actress Choi Yu-ri, who acted alongside Kim Woo-bin in the movie “Alienoid”, disclosed that she received an iPhone gift from the actor. He also attended the solo exhibition of writer Jung Eun-hye after they worked together in tvN’s drama “Our Blues.


A heartwarming story about actress Suzy was also told by Yang Se-jong. Appearing on the YouTube content “Salon Drip 2”, the actor said, “It was very cold in winter and almost Chrismas, so she gave all the staff on the set expensive scarfs based on the colors they liked”. In response, Suzy said, “I’m happy and proud that everyone liked it”, adding “But I didn’t give it to Yang Se-jong. I didn’t know what the shoot would be like that day, so I carefully prepared the gifts for the staff”.

The expensive mufflers Suzy gave to the staff are known to be priced in the 200,000 won- 500,000 won range. The actress also drew admiration for her sincerity as she made stickers and wrapped the gifts herself.

Source: Daum

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