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Today (Dec 18th) marks the 6th anniversary of SHINee Jonghyun’s passing

It’s been 6 years since SHINee’s late Jonghyun left us and became a star in the sky

Jonghyun passed away on December 18th, 2017, at the age of 27.

6 years later, many people still remember and miss him.


Today (December 18th), the agency SM Entertainment posted a photo of Jonghyun through SHINee’s official SNS accounts along with the short phrase, “We always love you.”

The image of Jonghyun singing on stage touched fans’ hearts.

On this day, many people, including SHINee’s fandom “SHINee World”, expressed their longing and condolences for the vacant space left by Jonghyun.

Debuting with SHINee in 2008, Jonghyun received much love for numerous hit songs such as “Replay”, “Love Like Oxygen”, “Juliette”, “Ring Ding Dong”, “Lucifer”, “Sherlock”, “Everybody”, “View”…

In January 2015, he debuted as a solo artist, showcasing outstanding singing ability and genius musicality as a singer-songwriter.


Jonghyun personally wrote and composed many of SHINee’s hit songs and filled his solo albums with his own compositions.

He also wrote lyrics and composed songs for other artists, including IU’s “A Gloomy Clock”, Son Dam-bi’s “Red Candle”, EXO’s “Playboy”, Lee Hi’s “Breathe”…

As SHINee celebrated their 15th anniversary this year, fans’ longing for Jonghyun was even more profound.

During the 15th-anniversary fan meeting “Everyday is SHINee DAY: Piece of SHINE” held in May, the members shared memories of the past 15 years since their debut, revealing episodes with Jonghyun, childhood photos and fresh images from their rookie days.

Last month, the movie “My SHINee World”, depicting Jonghyun and the members’ activities, was released, bringing tears and emotions to the audience.

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