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Lee Dong-wook’s fulfilling year-end: From movies, variety shows, pop-up store to silver hair

Actor Lee Dong-wook is having a fulfilling year-end, showcasing his talents in various fields

In the film “Single in Seoul” (directed by Park Beom-soo), Lee Dong-wook portrayed the character Yeong-ho, a man who doesn’t feel the need for love and marriage because of his self-love. The chemistry between Lee Dong-wook and co-star Im Soo-jung (as Hyeon-jin) in the movie was a highlight, and the film garnered attention for its visual appeal, enough to be called “Lee Dong-wook’s video photobook”.

lee dong wook

Beyond his film endeavors, Lee Dong-wook, known for his recent silver hair transformation, has become a hot topic of discussion. His decision to sport silver hair was a personal choice and not related to any ongoing projects, adding more excitement to the news.

Lee Dong-wook also took on a new challenge by holding a pop-up store for his official character “Wookdong”. Additionally, he received the grand prize in the “1st Pinggyego Awards” on the YouTube channel “DdeunDdeun”. His “Pinggyego” content is the first “Pinggyego” content to reach 10 million views.

However, he did not neglect his main profession throughout the year. In the first half of the year, he returned through tvN’s “Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938” and portrayed a charming Gumiho. In Season 2, just like Season 1, he captivated viewers with his role that seemed tailored to him. In the new year, he will make a comeback with Disney+’s “A Shop for Killers”.

lee dong wook

“A Shop for Killers” tells the story of a girl who lost her parents and grew up with her uncle, the owner of a shopping mall. After her uncle’s sudden death, she tracks down the killer among the customers of the shopping mall.

Lee Dong-wook’s agency, King Kong by Starship, said, “We appreciate the love for Lee Dong-wook’s appearances in dramas, movies, variety shows, etc., throughout the year. We ask for your expectations and interest in Lee Dong-wook’s activities, including new works in 2024.”

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