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Lisa Thanks Fans For Congratulations On BLACKPINK’s Contract Renewal & Suggests A Group Hug

BLACKPINK’s Lisa expressed her happiness when fans congratulated on her contract renewal

On the morning of December 13th, BLACKPINK’s Lisa left Incheon International Airport to attend an event of a French brand in Bangkok. Her appearance at the airport drew attention as it was the first time she stood in front of reporters after BLACKPINK’s contract renewal was confirmed.

Earlier on the 6th, YG reported that BLACKPINK had re-signed their exclusive contract as a group. BLACKPINK’s previous contract ended in August but fans had been very worried due to the prolonged delay in contract renewal discussion. Therefore, they visited the airport to congratulate Lisa.

lisa blackpink

Hearing a fan say, “Congratulations on your renewal of the contract. No, I should say thank you”, Lisa smiled brightly and replied, “Thank you, too”, creating a warm atmosphere.

In addition, the BLACKPINK member even suggested the idea of doing a group hug with fans and held fans warmly in her arms, showcasing her extraordinary affection for fans.

BLACKPINK members and fans can finally feel relieved after enduring numerous rumors of disbandment and non-renewal of contracts during the long delay. As soon as the news of BLACKPINK’s new contract was announced, Jisoo celebrated the event by posting a photo of BLACKPINK during debut days and tagging the group’s official account. Attention is focused on the future career of the group after solving their contract issues.

Source: Nate

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