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Netizens Select “The Worst SM Fandom”, BTS suddenly dragged in?

The topic of “the worst SM fandom” has garnered attention on a Korean forum

On December 13, a topic titled “Let’s pick the worst SM fandom” was published on the Korean forum Pann Nate, drawing attention.

In the topic, the author list fandoms names, including “Club H.O.T” (also known as White Angel, for H.O.T), “Cassiopeia” (TVXQ), “ELF” (Super Junior), “Sone” (Girls’ Generation), “EXO-L” (EXO), “NCTzen” (NCT), and “MY” (aespa), urging netizens to select those they believe to be worst.

However, alongside comments mentioning SM fandoms and describing how toxic they are, BTS was suddenly dragged in as some netizens mentioned the group’s fandom, ARMY.

Meanwhile, despite being SM fandoms, some such as ReveLuv (Red Velvet), SHINee World (also known as “Shawol”, for SHINee), and MeU (f(x)), among others, were not mentioned.

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • Even if all of those (fandoms) team up together, they can’t be as bad as ARMYs
  • Have you ever seen a fandom raising their middle fingers towards another singer? (Attached photo of EXO-Ls)
  • TVXQ’s sasaeng (obsessive fans) is so notorious, didn’t they do all sorts of terrible things to Jaejoon?
  • If you go to a joint concert, there are a lot of people who have no respect for others and only care about themselves. Most of them would be holding NCT’s lightstick. Other fandoms are okay in my experience, but NCT fans are impressive. You can tell who they are just by looking. It’s always the ones who have no concept of decency.
  • E.L.F and EXO-L are neck and neck in the worst fandom category, followed closely by Club H.O.T, then Cassiopeia. The rest are fine.

Source: Pann Nate

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