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He posted a picture of the goddess of justice
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1. [+59, -8]

Do these people not age? This is so immature and it’s making me cringe to death
2. [+7, 0]
This time, it indeed feels different than when he smoked weed. When he did weed, he was kinda shy and gave a “I’m lying” vibe
3. [+7, -3]
What’s…. wrong… with… him…;;;;;
4. [+7, -1]
They didn’t post this when he did weed but seeing how they are acting this time, it really does seem like he’s innocent
5. [+7, -3]
I get that he didn’t do drugs this time but the fact that they are acting so loud about how “justice is being served” is hilarious. He said that he confused weed with cigarettes because he never did it before but he still already experienced smoking cigarettes before. It’s the same as when people say that you can’t confuse mango and durian

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