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Because of the forced hate and he was falsely charged
Tablo and Lee Jinwook started to support GD officially

“Lee Jinwook, G-Dragon ‘Justice Will Prevail’ , shows his support… can you trust a 3rd party statement?”

“Chanel designer -> CL, the co-workers who came in to protect G-Dragon”

“From ‘Sung Haeeun ❤️’ Jung Hyungyu, Kwon Dami couple to CL, officially support G-Draong -> even tagged him on their account”

“The designer of Chanel -> models, photographers… the fashion world, start their support for G-Dragon”

(Hoshi liking GD’s post about justice prevailing)

Tablo, Lee Jinwook, CL, Seventeen Hoshi, Kwon Dami, Hong Janghyun, Kim Minjoon, Soojoo, Chanel’s designer, the fashion world, staffs, etc.
They are all publicly supporting GD

post response:


GD’s staffs have been steadily showing support for him ever since the scandal started. It seems like he treats people around him extremely well. It must not be easy to post about it before everything is over. What’s more is that it’s been a while since Tablo posted on his Insta

2. [+30, -1]

But GD’s list of acquaintances is crazy… He never shows off his connections but seeing how so many people are supporting him through his hard times is f*cking solid. GD has always been super warm to his acquaintances and treats them well

3. [+27, -1]

Jiyongie can’t go on without his best friend Lee Soohyuk

4. [+25, 0]

You can really see Chanel, Nike and PSG’s loyaltyㅎ especially Chanel. Chanel’s designers, music music directors and Chanel film directors all supported GD on their Insta story. I know that GD treats people around him well but still

5. [+21, -1]

Jiyong-ah, there are this much people who believe, support and love you so ignore those dumb pigs and can you just release an album like you originally planned?

6. [+10, 0]

Where did the kids saying that he was gonna get ditched by Chanel go?

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