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“Baemon Ahyeon who can sing, rap and dance”

07’er Jung Ahyeon

Her singing, rap and even stage manner reminds a lot of people of Jennie

I can understand why Yang Hyunsuk said he was waiting for Ahyeon…

1. I can’t think of anyone but T-ara Jiyeon 

2. She really doesn’t have Jennie’s vibe at all 

3. I can’t say she looks like Jennie, but she’s charming 

4. Huh Ahyeon..? I feel like Chiquita reminds me more of Jennie 

5. I can see Jennie, Jisoo and Kim Jiwon. She’s a natural beauty and she’s talented. She’s so likable 

6. She’s talented and she looks like Jennie, of course the company would love her, it’s like a recipe for money ㅋ Park Jinyoung also picked Ayaka for NiziU and said he could see Suzy in her

7. T-ara Jiyeon + Huh Yunjin 

8. She looks like Jennie, Huh Yunjin and Kim Garam 

9. She looks a bit like Jennie on stage, rather than her looks being like Jennie’s it’s more like the aura she exudes

10. Of course, Ahyeon is super pretty, but she also looks like Huh Yunjin and Jihyo. She’s way too different from Jennie. But if we’re talking about position, she does fit the line of CL – Jennie – Ahyeon as the all-rounder lineup 

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