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“Blackpink coming to win the Rookie Award”

BP were seriously legendary… How did YG pull this off?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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All of the Blackpink members are just a fraud. They have such individuality that nobody will ever confuse the members when looking at them. Rose for the vocals, Jennie for the rap, Lisa for the dance and Jisoo for the visual. all 4 are unrivaled in their own role and complement each other so amazingly well. They also don’t look like a small team on stage

2. [+20, 0]

No but even looking at BP’s coordi now, they look so refined. Fascinating

3. [+17, 0]

YG’s rookie group is the one debuting but Blackpink are the #1 in the popular search terms

4. [+16, -1]

That MMA performance from BP is seriously transcending generations. How can they not look outdated at all?

5. [+16, -1]

Wow seeing it like this, BP are indeed f*cking legendary..

6. [+11, 0]

They still have the same faces as they did when they were rookies.. they are super good at managing themselves. Legendary

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