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NCT Taeyong who even has a manga copy of it from what he posted on his Insta Story

“- I’m watching 2 at the moment

– Made in Abyss 2 is currently airing

– I seriously didn’t find the plot in MIA 1 that entertaining?

– But season 2 is…

– I personally found it very fun

– It’s not an anime I want to recommend

– Because it’s a bit provocative..

– But the plot is seriously good

– I enjoyed watching it a lot”

As for Woozi, he actively recommended it and Dex said that it was his lifetime anime.

+ For the fans who are shielding  this, I’ll write it clearly

He said it was fun but he’s not recommending it, and said that S2 was more entertaining – Soobin (season 2 is even more graphic)

He said that it was his lifetime anime – Dex

He recommended it – Woozi

He said that it was fun and even has a manga version of it that is even worse than the anime – Taeyong

Male communities’ reactions to the 1st episode of season 2

“I watched 1 minute of MIA and dropped it (grotesque)”

“OP: Ah so this was season 2ㅋㅋㅋ

> The more the story progresses the more f*cked up it becomesㅋㅋ

> I also don’t think that I can watch MIA anymore. There are a lot of people calling it “fun” but with the children and furrys, I personally just find it grotesque

> Is it Karajim(?)

> It’s just a disgusting world with cute drawing. It’s better to drop it fast if you don’t like it

> The anime is grotesque”

(This was reaction to the first scene of season 2 and Soobin said he liked season 2). The post will get deleted if I explained it but you can Google it yourself

The reactions of female community sites

“- I just saw MIA recently and the thing I’m more curious about than the story is…

– People recommend Made In Abyss??

– The Made In Abyss author is a P*d*

– I wouldn’t even be surprised if the MIA writer gets caught one day

– I was wondering what MIA was turns out, it’s Made in Abyss

– I feel like the MIA author will get caught one day

– I think that the weirdest writer I’ve ever come across was MIA’s writer”

“Wow the anime is the freaking real deal, is he crazy?

I don’t care if he watched it or not but if he talks about it so openly, aren’t his fans all gonna search it up…….?? They will clearly look it up so why would tell them about p*d*/gore stuff?……”

The only people who mentioned this anime were these 4 and no female idol has ever talked about it

Even male community sites are disgusted by it

It’s shocking that male idols are mentioning it

They know full well that they have a bunch of teen fans so why even put that out?

It’s just a fact that they talked/showed it on their livestream and Insta story

The writer being a p*d* and the p*d*philic contents are just all facts

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1. [+251, -9]

Soobin recommended stuff like that, it kinda changes the way I see him.. This is some kind of child abuse content..

2. [+250, -3]


Season 1 

In the first part, when children are being physically punished in the village, they tie them up naked outside. In the middle, that loli’s arm gets infected, so they break her arm bone and cut it with a knife, and this all happens when she’s naked. And because they performed the surgery without anesthesia, the loli ends up urinating.

Some psycho experimented on the loli and the shota and they all melted.

Theatrical version – They get even deeper in the abyss than the first season. During the shota experiment, they cut off his arm and stuck a needle into his belly button, which made his eyes water. ㅠㅠ They also connected a tube to the p*** to collect urine.

The mad scientist Psycho gathers the orphans, that loli and shota, cuts off all their limbs and leaves only the internal organs, and uses them as an exorcism device to prevent the curse. Later, that loli, whom he raised like a daughter also gets this treatment. 

Season 2 – In the beginning, that loli gets r*ped or something.

The expedition team is isolated and they die as a group, so why sacrifice one loli to end in this kind of situation? They create a giant monster that gives birth and eat the baby that was born. That loli, who was sacrificed, was abandoned by her tribe because she was barren, meanwhile her dream was to become a mother.

3. [+226, -3]

That manhwa’s typical panels looked like that, but it’s okay just because it’s supposed to be a “fantasy” genre? Those choding looking characters are dressed up in those revealing clothes to make them more s**ually appealing

4. 209, -2]

Kang Hyewon was beaten up just for mentioning Attach On Titan, meanwhile a male idol is trying to get by hush hush for recommending a p**o manhwa~

5. [+181, -5]

This was already notorious for being a p**o anime even 5 years ago. Even the Instiz users found it disgusting back then

“P**ophilic animation officially serviced in Korea”

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