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Just what kind of life did he live?

“Seunghan-ah, where is this?!”

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1. [+98, -3]

He should be thankful for the rest of his life that he was born a man. It’s the most amazing thing that he hasn’t been kicked out yet. That girl who was photographed kissing him in a motel with him was canceled out even though she didn’t take the picture. He still hasn’t been kicked out and is doing well. If he had debuted as a female idol, he would have been tormented, s*x*ally harassed, and kicked out by now. I hope that he’s thankful for being born a man for the rest of his life. He’s gonna collect the money from everyone serving him and eat well and live well

2. [+57, 0]

He probably drank and went here ^^

3. [+56, 0]

No but at this rate, why did he even become an idol?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ why do this to bring you bad luck and ruin your future?

4, [+54, 0]

That’s a hunting pocha (T/n: hunting pocha is a Korean style bar also known for its concept of “hunting” bar. In Korea, hunting is a term used when picking up women in random places.)ㅋㅋㅋ even going to clubs isn’t as pathetic as this

5. [+44, 0]

At this rate, SM is purposely putting a controversial member in every group


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1. [+66, 0]

The people having the most difficult time right now is not Seunghan, but the members. They probably hate him, but if they openly express their dislike, people will say it’s wise right now, but later, after the scandal subsides a bit, they may say they were bullying him. I looked at another post earlier and saw that the members were avoiding Seunghan and comments were saying how they couldn’t stand it. So I think that they have to kick him out soon. If Segunhan cries alone in a self-made content or feels left out and side eyes the members and that all gets filmed, the members will start making up assumptions about their personalities and it will be a dogfight. If the muggles learn about the bullying rumors, neither side will have a good reputation. This could lead to the group going down together. You can either sort it out or withdraw but something needs to be done fast.

2. [+40, 0]

Then he should just leave

3. [+31, 0]

I think that everything aside, I think that their visuals will complement each other better without him too. With the 6 of them, there are less overlapping members and look more harmonious

4. [+27, 0]

Good to see

5. [+3, 0]

But it’s already like this

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