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“My contract will end on December 31st 2025! Until then, I will try my best to be the happy singer BoA!! Don’t worry, my lovely Jumping-ies”

Seriously what’s wrong with her?

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1. [+106, -4]

She must be so fed up herself with this… We need to tone down how people don’t care about her. Let’s stop with hate comments 

2. [+77, -43]

She acts like that, but I bet she won’t actually retire and just crawl back again 

3. [+63, -5]

So is she going to retire on that day? She worked hard all this time, please be happy as a commoner after this 

4. [+63, -9]

What’s the point of mentioning the date like that?

5. [+60, -8]

What’s the issue here? She just said she’ll promote until then + thanking the fans no?

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