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Han So Hee the popular South Korean actress at the peak of her career got embroiled in a dating scandal with actor Ryu Jun Yeol. The couple announced their breakup only after two weeks of their dating confirmation. In some new changes of pace, Go Yoon Jung has been chosen as Han So Hee’s replacement for the NH Bank model. 

Han So Hee recently found herself in the middle of a heated dating scandal with actor Ryu Jun Yeol. The couple soon ended their short-lived relationship. Erstwhile it was speculated Han So Hee might lose brand deals following her dating scandal. However, it was clarified by brands that the timing of the contract ending was just unfortunate and not a result of the My Name actress’ dating scandal. 

GoYoon Jung is the popular lead actress who played Jin Bu Yeon in Alchemy of Souls opposite Lee Jae Wook. Go Yoon Jung has been chosen as the model by Nonghyup Bank which Han So Hee has been endorsing since 2021. Their contract with the Nevertheless actress ended early this year and they have been on the lookout for a new face. 

CR: Pinkvilla

1. G Younjung suits this

2. She was the model for NH? I didn’t even know…

3. The public doesn’t want brands to use her anymore so do you really think that advertisers would still want her…

4. Unrelated to this, I think that her company just wasn’t able to control her. So how can she even work as an ad model?

5. She didn’t match it anyways, Go Younjung is much better

6. Of course, how can you even trust her as a bank model..

7. Go Younjung is much prettier and watches this better

8. It makes me wonder if she’s ever gonna recover her image…

9. Go Younjung is doing pretty well

10. I hope that she repays us with her acting!

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