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1min version

30 sec version 

15 sec version 

The b-side song ‘Bubble Gum’, which lets you feel the NewJeans’ Spring, is scheduled to be released first as a Japanese shampoo commercial commercial song and information program theme song starting in April.

1. The song is seriously so good… 

2. Fast I want to listen to the clean version without Japanese 

3. Oh they suit the shampoo ad

4. It kinds sounds different from the NewJeans sound we’ve heard so far, I like it 

5. Hul so there’s also a 60 sec version? It’s freaking good 

6. Hul I like it, it’s so refreshing 

7. It sounds so novel 

8. Wow it sounds just like a Spring song 

9. It sounds f*cking refreshing ㅋㅋ

10. I want to listen to the full song, it sounds freaking nice 

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