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Sinsa Middle School ulzzang who received business cards from big entertainment agencies

NewJeans Minji gained popularity for her exceptional looks and talent since middle school

Originally from Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, Minji started to attract attention when she transferred to Sinsa Middle School in Seoul. Minji’s outstanding appearance became a hot topic within the school, and she garnered attention for her passion for music while attending a practical music academy. Through a recommendation from the academy, she participated in an audition and successfully passed. Starting her trainee life, Minji, after 4 years of effort, was the first to join the debut lineup of NewJeans, where she not only showcases dance and vocal skills but also exhibits exceptional leadership within the group.

newjeans minji

Minji, with a height of 169cm, model-like body ratio, elegant image, high nose bridge and perfect beauty, has earned the nickname “Korea’s Olivia Hussey”. She spent time in Canada during her childhood, enhancing her English skills through a camp experience and homestay. Minji enjoys studying English and often showcases her fluent English skills, occasionally explaining things in English to members Hanni and Danielle, who may not fully understand Korean during live broadcasts.

When appearing on a variety show after her debut, Minji revealed that she received many business cards from entertainment agencies during her school days, creating a buzz.

Minji’s past Sinsa Middle School graduation photos were shared on various online communities, attracting significant attention and admiration for her exceptional beauty from a young age.

Recently, NewJeans achieved the honor of winning 2 grand prizes at the “2023 Asia Artist Awards” held in the Philippines. During the event, they expressed gratitude towards their fans and each other, promising to repay the support with even better music and performances in the future.

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