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“Songs over 3 minutes”

The trend is short and impactful songs 

NewJeans entire album of ‘Get Up’

ENHYPEN – Sweet Venom 2:28

IVE – Baddie 2:35

Le Sserafim – Perfect Night 2:39

AKMU – LoveLee 2:59

Members per position 

Main/sub/center positions disappeared

Boy and girl groups, especially the 4th generation groups, I guess it’s done for convenience for the fans

There’s no more established official position for the members

High notes in the chorus 

Rather than having a high note in the chorus, instead, they’re just repeating the song’s title

Cake Cake Cake

Drama Drama Drama

Queen Card Queen Card Queen Card

Baddie Baddie Baddie

Full albums

The prefernece is for mini albums (Because of comeback periods and production cost)

NewJeans 2 years into their debut –> 0 full album, 2 mini albums

aespa 3 years into their debut –> 0 full album, 4 mini albums

ITZY 4 years into their debut –> 1 full album, 8 mini albums 

(G)i-dle 5 years into their debut –> 1 full album, 6 mini albums

1. Who cares about high notes in their chorus? We’re simply asking them to sing live at this point ㅋㅋ They have a song that’s barely 2 minutes, so many people to split the parts into, but more and more kids can’t sing at all 

2. I loved the high notes though ㅠㅠ

3. Nowadays, if you look at the majority of idols, compared to their skills, their overblown popularity and the money they earn, their songs f*cking suck 

4. That’s why I like NMIXX who are sticking with high notes and are good on stage ㅋㅋ

5. It’s such a shame that Tik Tok challenges songs are the norm 

6. They’re all songs just for Reels and Shorts… 

7. Right now, there are groups between 5 to 10 people, but not a song above 3 minutesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. Can they just make it at least 3 minutesㅠㅠ

9. It’s because they have no vocals that they can’t hit high notes..

10. 2 minutes songs feel so short, they sound like intros

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